Quality Assurance

Quality assurance begins with having sound processes and criteria in place. With the trainer/training criteria and the application review process as a foundation, the quality assurance visit, second review, and trend data were developed to strengthen Georgia Training Approval.

Quality Assurance Visits

Quality assurance visits were established to verify that the delivery of training approved through Georgia Training Approval is consistent with the training application submitted by the trainer. Each year, the Georgia Training Approval staff schedule random "site" visits to observe training approved. The Georgia Training Approval staff may also schedule a "site" visit at the request of a licensing consultant or upon receipt of a complaint about a state approved training. Feedback is provided to the trainer and may include suggestions on ways to strengthen the content or delivery of the training if appropriate.

Guidelines for quality assurance visits were developed through input originally from the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Child Care Licensing and continue to be supported by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.

Second Review

Another method of providing quality assurance is the second review. The second review process has been employed since Fall 2006 and involves the review of the trainer/training application. It is used primarily to ensure consistency in the review and evaluation of trainer/training applications. Another Training Approval staff qualified to review randomly selects and reviews applications to look for inconsistencies or errors in the review.