Entity Approval

State and government institutions and agencies, colleges, and universities that offer training approved for child care licensing to early care and education professionals in Georgia may apply to become an Approved Entity. Approval is granted to the entity's department/program responsible for providing training, not individuals. Individual trainer credentials will be the responsibility of the entity.

By applying for entity approval, the institution/agency agrees to:

  • Distribute a standardized certificate to ECE professionals who complete training.
  • Schedule and maintain trainings in the Georgia Training Approval training calendar and/or provide an agency web link to be posted on the Georgia Training Approval website to an updated list of your scheduled trainings for ECE professionals to access.
  • Award no more than six (6) clock hours credit in any one (1) day; Certificates will not be distributed to anyone who does not attend the full training or anyone who arrives more than 15 minutes late or leaves early.
  • Ensure that the training content meets at least one Workforce Knowledge and Competency (WKC) and identify these competencies on the certificate.
  • Notify Georgia Training Approval if your institution/agency's contact information or contact person changes.
Upon becoming an Approved Entity:
  • You will receive a standardized certificate for early care and education professionals who attend trainings.
  • Your institution/agency's information will be posted on the Georgia Training Approval website so early care and education professionals may access training opportunities.
Approved Entities may only provide beginning level training.

Final review of Approved Entities will be completed by Bright from the Start.

For more information about becoming an Approved Entity, contact Georgia Training Approval at trainingapproval@georgiacenter.uga.edu or 866-425-0220.