Certificate Verification Guide

This guide provides information for Bright from the Start licensing consultants about how to determine from a training certificate whether the training is state-approved for licensing credit.
Generally, for a training to be accepted by Bright from the Start for licensing credit, it must meet the following two requirements:
  1. The trainer must be approved and have a unique trainer code (TR-BFTS-###)
  2. The training must be approved and have a unique training code (TG-BFTS-###)
Exceptions are trainings offered as part of an approved conference and trainings offered by approved entities, which are assigned unique codes in the formats C-BFTS-XXX and AE-BFTS-XXX, respectively. In summary, you are looking for the following codes on a training certificate:
  • TR-BFTS-### and TG-BFTS-###, OR
  • C-BFTS-###, OR
  • AE-BFTS-###

CPR and First Aid

Georgia Training Approval does not approve CPR and First Aid trainings. The Bright from the Start rules and regulations for child care state the following concerning CPR and First Aid: “The first aid program must be done by certified or licensed health care professionals and must deal with the provision of emergency care to infants and children.”


There are no set requirements for certificates, but the certificate should provide enough information for the consultant to determine that the trainer and training were approved at the time of the training. We ask trainers to include the following:
  • Title of training
  • Trainer code (TR-BFTS-###)*
  • Training code (TG-BFTS-###)*
  • Competency goal approved for each training
  • Number of approved clock hours
  • Location of training
  • Date of training
  • Trainer’s signature
  • Training expiration date
  • A statement to the effect that the class is state-approved by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning for child care providers
* Exceptions: Conference certificates only need a conference code (C-BFTS-###), and approved entity certificates only need an approved entity code (AE-BFTS-###).


All trainers and trainings expire. To verify that a trainer and training are currently state-approved:
  1. Go to the website www.training.decal.ga.gov.
  2. Click Licensing Consultants in the gray bar across the bottom of the page.
  3. Use the code or name search fields to search the database for trainers/trainings/conferences.

If you have questions about the approval status of any training, contact Georgia Training Approval at 866-425-0220.

More Information

State-approved trainers are individuals who have been approved to provide clock hour training to child care professionals employed in Georgia's licensed child care centers and family daycares. All state-approved trainers must be assigned a designation of Trainer I, Trainer II, Trainer III, or Specialty Trainer. Upon approval, trainers are also assigned an expiration date three or five years (depending on their designation) from the date of approval. Trainers must renew before this expiration date to maintain their state-approved status. Expired trainers may not provide state-approved training. The General Search option on the “Find Training” page of the website may be used to identify whether a trainer is currently approved.
Conferences approved by Georgia Training Approval will have a code of C-BFTS-###. No more than six (6) hours of state-approved training may be granted for a conference/training event. Individual trainers and trainings involved in the conference do not need to be approved; Georgia Training Approval grants approval status to the entirety of the conference, and approval status is represented by a valid conference code.
An approved entity is a state or government institution or agency, college, or university that has been reviewed and accepted by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning to offer training for child care licensing to early care and education professionals in Georgia. Approval is granted to the entity’s department/program responsible for providing training. Approval status is represented by a valid approved entity code.
Competencies were developed in Georgia to define the specialized body of knowledge needed for early care and education professionals. The competencies create a framework on which those who work with children can build their professional development goals. There are competencies for:
  • Early Care and Education (ECE) professionals who work with children from birth through age five
  • School-Age Care (SAC) professionals who work in after-school programs with school-age children
  • Administration (ADM) for early care and education program administrators and directors
Competency goals should be represented on the certificate by a code in the form of a prefix (corresponding to the above listed categories) plus a number; for example, ECE-1. A list of competency goals and their corresponding codes can be found at: https://www.training.decal.ga.gov/bfts/professionalDevelopmentCompetencies.do