About Training Approval

All trainings that will count toward licensing credit for child care providers must be approved through Georgia Training Approval. In order to submit training applications for approval, an individual must first go through the process to become approved as a trainer and assigned a Trainer Designation. You must be a state-approved trainer to submit trainings for approval.

Training Approval Applications

A Training Approval Application must be submitted for each and every training you wish to be approved for licensing credit. All applications should be designed to meet the criteria for beginning, intermediate, or advanced level training (see following section).

Training applications for Online/Distance Learning trainings, 120 Hour CDA Trainings, and 40 Hour Director Trainings must meet specific additional requirements. See links for more information.

Training Levels

Depending on his/her approved designation, a trainer may provide training for beginning, intermediate, and/or advanced level audiences. For each training application, the trainer must identify one of these training levels to correspond to the skill, education, and experience level of the training’s intended audience. Generally, Specialty and Trainer I may provide beginning level training, Trainer II may provide beginning and intermediate level training, and Trainer III may provide beginning, intermediate, and advanced level training. (Options are available for Trainer I and Trainer II to offer intermediate and advanced level training, respectively. See the Trainer Designation Requirements for more information.)

Beginning level training is most appropriate for entry-level professionals or, in some cases, professionals who are further along in their career but are exposed to new information or need a refresher. This level covers a basic understanding and demonstration of developing skills within the competency areas.

Intermediate level training is most appropriate for professionals who have a few years of experience and some training, formal education, and/or credentials and includes expanding knowledge and application and refining skills.

Advanced level training is most appropriate for professionals who have some formal education in the early care and education field. This level is for professionals most often in leadership or mentor roles as lead teachers, directors, administrators, etc. and focuses on a more thorough knowledge and understanding of developmentally appropriate practice.

Your application will be scored based on the indicated training level, so you should be sure that your content and training methods are appropriate for the audience you have selected. Indicators for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level training are provided in the Training Approval Application Instructions. Also see the Georgia Workforce Knowledge and Competencies

Training Certificate Requirements

The following information should be included on certificates you distribute to participants who complete your approved training:

  • Title of training
  • Location of training
  • Instructor's trainer code
  • State-approved training code
  • Approved competency goal(s)
  • Date training completed
  • Training participant's signature
  • Trainer's signature
  • # of clock hours participant completed
  • Statement that trainer is approved to deliver this training until said expiration date
  • Statement that this course is state-approved for child-care providers

Please note that the Bright from the Start logo may not be included on your certificate. While you should include the statement, “This training is approved by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning,” please note that the department’s name, Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, may not be used in any way that implies that the training is presented on behalf of the department or that you serve as an agent or representative of the department.

Training Expiration

All trainings expire 5 years from the date of approval. Expired trainings may not be delivered for state-approved clock hour credit. Attempts to deliver expired training for state-approved clock hour credit will constitute a breach of the trainer agreement and may jeopardize the trainer’s status.

A trainer may resubmit a training for re-approval any time prior to the expiration date. It is strongly recommended that trainers regularly log in to their accounts to check if any of their trainings are nearing expiration. It is the trainer’s responsibility to keep him/herself apprised of his/her training information and to resubmit any trainings nearing expiration. 

Training applications require a minimum of 6 references used to develop the training and 50% must be from within the last 5 years. Incorporating new references requires new content be added to the original instructional plan.