Director Training

Director training approval is designed for trainers who wish to conduct the 40 Hour Director Training to meet the Bright from the Start requirements for child care learning center program directors. To offer the 40 Hour Director Training, you must first be approved as a Trainer I, II, or III, then you must apply for and become approved as a director trainer. Once you are approved as a director trainer, you will need to submit your 40 Hour Director Training for approval.

To become an approved director trainer, you must be approved with a Trainer Designation of Trainer I, II, or III and meet the following requirements:

1) Current résumé documenting all of the following:

  • At least 3 years serving as the individual directly responsible for the functioning, management, and finances of a child care learning center
  • Experience conducting long-term courses/training (10+ hours) in the last 3 years (CDA training, college courses)
  • At least 3 years work experience/training/education in child development and developmentally appropriate practice
  • At least 3 years of experience working directly with children in an early childhood care and education setting

2) Letter of recommendation from an individual addressing your skills and abilities as a director

To submit a 40 Hour Director Training for approval, complete a Training Approval Application that covers the following topics. The training should be developed to best fit the needs of the intended audience and should focus primarily on program administrator components (licensing, legal issues, parent communication, management, leadership, etc). Contact Georgia Training Approval for more information about the following topics.

A) Rules and Regulations
B) Communication/Interpersonal Skills
C) Parent Education
D) Program and Business Management/Legal Knowledge
E) Professional Development (Leadership, Advocacy, Ethics)
F) Accessing Services and Community Resources
G) Finances and Fiscal Management
H) Child Development / Developmentally Appropriate Practice
I) Anti-Bias Program Development