Information for Approved Trainers

The following links provide information for approved trainers in Georgia:

  • About Training Approval - All trainers must submit training for approval before the training can be offered for child care licensing credit. Follow the link to learn more about submitting trainings for approval, training levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced), requirements for the certificates you will distribute to your training participants, and training expiration.

  • Health & Safety Orientation Training – Approved Trainers may submit trainings designed to meet the Health & Safety Orientation Training and the Health & Safety Plus Basic Six Training. Follow the link for more content information and certificate templates.
  • CDA Training - Trainers who provide training specific to the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential may wish to have their 120 hour CDA training approved through Georgia Training Approval. Follow the link to learn more about becoming a CDA trainer and submitting CDA training for approval.

  • Director Training - Approved trainers may also be approved to provide the 40 Hour Director Training required by Bright from the Start for all new center directors. Follow the link to learn more about becoming a director trainer and submitting the 40 Hour Director Training for approval.

  • Trainer Renewal - All trainers must renew their Trainer Designation regularly to remain approved to provide training in Georgia. Follow the link to learn more about the renewal requirements and submitting the renewal application.