Brain 101: Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Brain Development

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Colette Nicole
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(770) 313-5267
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This course will provide participants with foundational knowledge about how adversity and trauma can impact brain development. Participants will also be introduced to brain architecture and early brain development in children. Topics and Learning Objectives Adversity & Trauma and the Impact on Brain Development • Describe the basic architecture of the brain • Explain the term brain health • Describe the effects of adversity and child traumatic stress on brain development • Describe the three types of stress (positive stress, tolerable stress, toxic stress) Brain Systems • Describe the processes of brain development in young children and adolescents • Identify the types of experiences and situations that can impact brain development • Describe the impact of toxic stress and complex trauma on the developing brain Adverse Childhood Experiences and Brain Development • Describe the relationships between ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) and brain development in children and adolescents • Describe the relationship between ACEs and lifetime health risks Resilience and Brain Development • Define the term resiliency • Describe the relationship between resiliency and brain health • Describe how establishing trusting and supportive relationships with children and adolescents can impact resiliency
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  • Ages 0 - 2
  • Ages 3 - 4
  • Ages 5 - 6
  • Ages 7 - 9
  • Ages 10+
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  • Home-Based Care
  • Center-Based Care
  • Administration
Competency Goals
Competency Goals: 
To maintain a commitment to professionalism.
To maintain a commitment to professionalism.
To maintain a commitment to ongoing personal/professional growth and development.
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Friday, March 30, 2018 1:00pm
1083 Marietta Highway
Canton, GA 30114
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