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Saturday, December 7, 2019 9:00am
Mansfield, GA
Competency Goals:
  • ECE 1.1
    Using knowledge of young children's characteristics, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and their needs to plan appropriate and responsive learning experiences
  • ECE 1.2
    Using knowledge of the multiple influences on development and learning to create inclusive and responsive learning environments
  • ECE 1.3
    Using developmental knowledge to create healthy, respectful, supportive, and stimulating learning environments and relationships
  • ECE 1.4
    Creates emotionally and physically safe environments for children
  • ECE 2.3
    Utilizing community resources
  • ECE 4.2
    Using a broad repertoire of developmentally responsive teaching and learning approaches, guided by applicable learning and development standards and individualized for each and every child
  • ECE 4.3
    Intentionally planning and preparing a learning environment that nurtures each and every child’s initiative, encourages active exploration of materials, supports engagement with activities, and encourages interactions with others
  • ECE 5.1
    Utilizing the GELDS as a framework for growth and development
  • ECE 5.2
    Utilizing content knowledge in the GELDS Physical Development and Motor Skills domain
  • ECE 5.3
    Utilizing content knowledge in the GELDS Social and Emotional Development domain
  • ECE 5.4
    Utilizing content knowledge in the GELDS Approaches to Play and Learning domain
  • ECE 5.5
    Utilizing content knowledge in the GELDS Communication, Language, and Literacy domain
  • ECE 5.6
    Utilizing content knowledge in the GELDS Cognitive Processes and General Knowledge domain
  • ECE-1
    Child Development
  • ECE-2
    Safety, Health, Nutrition
  • ECE-3
    Advance Physical and Intellectual Competence
  • ECE-4
    Positive Guidance
  • SAC-3
    Advance Physical and Intellectual Competence
Clock Hours: 
Monica Kilpatrick
Approved Entity: 
Georgia Project WET/Environmental Protection Division